Private services list and fees

Not all services at the Practice are available under the NHS. 

Where patients request non-NHS items or services, a private fee may be payable. 

The listing of the service doesn’t guarantee that the requested service will be available, but the fee will be refunded if the service is not offered. 

If the fee if not listed, it will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis  

Straightforward certificates of fact From £ 30 
More complex certificates  From £ 50 
Private sick note (incapacity certificate) required by patient except for those which the doctor is obliged to provide for statutory sick pay purposes From £63 
Accident or sickness insurance certificate – short certificate of incapacity without examination for patient to claim under 
accident or sickness insurance 
From £63 
Freedom from infection certificate, eg for school, travel or employment From £63 
Validation of private medical insurance (PMI) claim form, to support a claim for benefit in connection with private medical insurance, or completion of 
a pre-treatment form 
From £40 or amount covered by the private provider, whichever is highest 
Health club brief written report to certify that a patient is fit for exercise From £63 
School fees and holiday insurance certificates From £63 
Taxi Medical with examination – no eye test £ 120